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Welcome to Kramer Communications, which used to be Felix Kramer's Silicon Valley-based consultancy specializing in communications, business development and marketing services for startups. Felix has been involved in building and promoting first-of-their kind and unique businesses since 1994. For more on his background, see his resume at About Felix Kramer.

"Kramer has been around the web marketing world as long as anyone has"
    -- Elizabeth Gardner in Internet World/Web Week, 15 December, 1997

California Cars Initiative LogoIn 2002, Felix founded The California Cars Initiative, a nonprofit group that uniquely combines advocacy and technology development. Calcars is an ambitious effort to bring to market the next generation of clean, advanced technology vehicles. The group of entrepreneurs, environmentalists, engineers and citizens is raising awareness about "plug-in hybrid" vehicles (PHEVs). CalCars has focused on advocacy to prove market demand, and on technology development to demonstrate that PHEVs can be extensions of current model lines, using conversions, always with the goal of getting car-makers to build PHEVs.
See also Felix's page on global warming.

eConstructors LogoFelix was founder and CEO of eConstructors, the Palo Alto-based online marketplace for the web design and development industry. He raised the money, built the team of staff and advisors, and conceptualized the technology and interface. It became the world's largest directory of web developers and, at WhoBuiltIt, the only reverse directory revealing the creators of websites. In 2001, was acquired by eVincio, a software company based in Research Triangle, NC. The directory is now maintained by Forbess Enterprises in Texas.

Felix has been advising a few startups on strategy, presentation and promotion. He says,
     Change is my sweet spot. In my life, I've helped conceptualize, launch and promote about a dozen projects and ventures. Most have involved disruptive technologies that create new mechanisms and markets, supplanting limited, slower or more costly processes -- and many have made a positive difference in society.
     I continue talking with people with whom I've clicked, with the idea of joining with or helping to create a team with the experience and resources for a "Mid-Start" -- a sane and sustainable model for that next exciting, important startup .... If you're intrigued, let's talk!

See About Felix Kramer; find his old home page with links and resources at 1997-2000 Home Page or old Sitemap.

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