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WAIT A SEC: This page accurately depicts what Kramer Communications was in 1997, before our move to California. You'll find a better picture of what we're up to these days at About Felix Kramer.

* Our approach

We work with you from start-to-finish. Because we can write, edit, design, and produce, when Kramer Communications spots a way to improve the content, format or delivery mechanism of your message, we tell you about it. We have the experience to accurately bid your job and meet your deadlines. List of Kramer Communications clients since 1986 and About Felix Kramer

* Online promotion and marketing

Your Web site does you no good if no one knows about it and no one comes in. We can promote awareness of your company or organization, independently or as an adjunct to conventional (non-online) marketing and promotion. It helps if you have something unique or innovative to promote, or a definable audience that will be receptive to news of your site.
(The recent results of our efforts for Clickshare and earlier for SlipKnot, and, while not accomplished on-line, the promotional efforts we did to obtain reviews of Desktop Publishing Success, speak for themselves.)
Here are some of the things we can do:

* World Wide Web site development

We can be your partner as you establish a presence on the Internet.

Here are some of the things we can do:

* Electronic publishing consulting, training and production

Electronic Publishing Logo We've been doing this as long as this technology has been around. In fact, we wrote a book about it, Desktop Publishing Success: How to Start and Run a DTP Business.

We can help you plan, write, edit, design, produce, print and distribute (or fax-broadcast or e-mail) your flyer, brochure, report, newsletter, mnagazine, newspaper, or book.

Our network of technical experts, designers, illustrators, color experts, and printers gives you enthusiastic, literate, imaginative and savvy partners.

Starting in September 1997, I am encouraging potential clients for print services to contact my able associate and subcontractor since 1994, Michael Woyton -- Editorial and Desktop Publishing Services. I continue to be involved in selected print projects on my own or in association with him.

* Costs: you're paying for time, experience and creativity.

Initial online marketing and promotion efforts will typically cost from $4-$8,000. (Of course, since you want people to keep coming back, you'll also need to plan -- and budget for -- continuing efforts to maintain visibility.)

Web site development (assuming most of the content comes from you in pretty good shape) will cost the typical small business or nonprofit group $3-$10,000. Monthly operating costs for computer services and site maintenance typically run $400-$1,000.

Electronic publishing depends on the job: we'll often quote a maximum top rate, with a guaranteed price cut if the job takes less time than expected.

We are open to payment in equity and we offer sliding scale rates for small nonprofits.

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