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The World Wide Web is a dazzling explosion of creativity. Because it changes so quickly, no one ever has the last word or a complete view of anything. With all pages essentially equally accessible, and the number of sites on the Web doubling every few months, it's impossible to keep track of all the interesting places. Luckily, the links rescue us. We're never stranded.

When I started wandering around, and felt a bit overwhelmed, I decided to organize things according to the ways I think. Here you'll find powerful searching engines; breaking news from everywhere; business information; technical tools; pitches for compelling ideas, causes and projects; and fascinating windows on every human interest.

This is effectively the Grand Links Version 2.0. (It had reached 130K as a single page.) I've broken the pages into four topical parts, with a Master Index on this page that will take you to sections of the four parts. Each Topical Links part has its own Mini-Index. I've designed these pages so you can save them locally (as source or html), keep them open, and them for jumping off.

One final suggestion: If you do save the page on your drive, check back and look at the "last modified date" to see what's new. Or if you want to find out automatically when one is next updated, just register http://www.nlightning.com/bookmarks.html at the handy new URL-minder. (You can register all your favorite spots one-by-one with this helpful robot.)

To your pleasure and enlightenment! --Felix Kramer

P.S. I'm pleased that Media and Democracy, a book of readings and resources, published in February 1996 by The Institute for Alternative Journalism, said of the first version of this page "could be the motherboard of all link pages for progressives and media activists."

This list, with over 1,400 sites in over 60 categories, was created in April 1995, updated on September, 1995, and presented in its current new format in late February 1996.
For the fine print, see the end of the page.


Grand Links Topical List Part 1: Lists, Searches and News (36K)

Grand Links Topical List Part 2: Commercial Resources (16K)

Grand Links Topical List Part 3: Computing and Internet Resources (35K)

Grand Links Topical List Part 4: The World at Your Fingertips (50K)


FINE PRINT: In many cases, I've modified the official names for clarity. The inclusion of a site doesn't in any way imply endorsement of its content--nor does it ensure that it will always be there. (Authors move documents frequently.) If you have trouble accessing a site, try again later to rule out busies and other causes (it could be a glitch anywhere betwen you and the computer at the other end). Don't be too concerned if there's a problem--let us know if you're so moved.

You're welcome to suggest other or better sites to list or even whole new categories--I'm all modems. Send your comments and suggestions for this page to Felix Kramer: <felixk@panix.com>

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For help with this page, thanks especially to Larry Aronson, author of HTML 3 Manual of Style, who's always there when I need advice, Clay Shirky, Author of Voices from the Net, who gave me my first bookmarks, HTML ace Courtney Pulitzer, Susan M. Thomas, and of course, Peter Brooks, developer of the SlipKnot Web browser, who is still having fun.

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