Desktop Publishing Success:
How to Start and Run a Desktop Publishing Business

Cover photo of DTPS by Felix Kramer
and Maggie Lovaas

(Irwin Professional Publishing,
a Times-Mirror Company,
formerly Dow Jones-Irwin, 1991,
ISBN 1-556233-424-4, $29.95,
once available at fine bookstores,
now available online)

(Co-author's note): DTP Success was, when published in 1991, the first comprehensive book on the business of desktop publishing. It sold over 20,000 copies in seven reprintings. Much of what's in the book remains current and useful (with the exception of the specifics of hardware and software, which are a small part of the text).

The following comes from the original promotional material for the book.

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* Table of Contents: What you'll find in DTP Success

* Excerpts from advance praise (blurbs) for DTP Success:

... the Bible of the Desktop Publishing Biz ... it's all here.
-- Sandra Rosenzweig, Editor-in-Chief of Publish magazine

... There's nothing like this book. Read it carefully before you strike out on your own.
-- Barry Harrigan, Chairman of the National Association of Desktop Publishers

... straightforward advice from authors who know the ropes ... an excellent resource.
-- Paul Brainerd, President of Aldus Corporation (creators of Adobe PageMaker)

... effectively brings together creative ideas, solid direction, and product understanding.
-- Larry Gerhard, President & CEO of Xerox Ventura Software

... not a techie document, a human one ... a treasure-trove of practical tips to rely on.
-- Jan V. White, author of Editing by Design and Graphic Design for the Electronic Age

... a deep well of common sense and practical guidance ... the best reality check I've seen.
-- Michael Gosney, Publisher of Verbum magazine

... I recommend it for start-ups -- and for seasoned pros.
-- Steve Roth, co-author of Real World PageMaker

... this book will let new DTP entrepreneurs hit the ground running.
-- Roger Black, publication designer for Smart, The New York Times, Newsweek

... exciting and re-energizing ... this book inspires me to keep going.
-- Nancy McCarthy, Managing Editor of Personal Publishing magazine

... required reading for every desktop publishing entrepreneur -- newcomer or experienced.
-- Roger C. Parker, author of Looking Good in Print and Newsletters from the Desktop

* Read the longer original versions of the above blurbs

* Magazine, newspaper and user group reviews of DTP Success

Electronic publishers may get some ideas from two useful excerpts from the book

* 17 Best Tips from DTP Success

* Resources for Desktop Publishers:A 38K-long list of books, magazines, conferences, tools, vendors from the bibliography of DTP Success

* Who this book is for

If you want to make a living in desktop publishing -- or if you're already doing it and want to sharpen your skills and enjoy your work more -- this book is for you.

Whether you're starting your own company, running a small graphics production business, launching or managing a corporate desktop publishing center, or working as a freelancer, consultant or temporary employee, this is the first book with a roadmap to save you time, trouble and money. If you're employed by a service bureau, employment agency, training facility, or printing or publishing house, this book will help you work with desktop publishers.

Based on the authors' pioneering experience and interviews with other successful entrepreneurs, this book offers strategies for every facet of your work: business, graphics, computers and communications. You'll find ideas about how much to charge, how to subcontract work and still make money, what to buy first, and how to stay on top of an always changing technology. DTP Success will help you turn your skills and tools into profits.

*Authors' Biographies (these are from 1991):

Felix Kramer is the founder of Kramer Communications, one of New York City's first small businesses offering desktop publishing consulting and services. He's a former journalist, promotional writer and manager. Felix Kramer's current resume.

Maggie Lovaas is president of Acanthus Associates, a consulting firm specializing in training, system support, design and production services for corporations. Lovaas is a past officer and Kramer is a current co-chair of New York's main desktop publishing user group. Both speak at publishing seminars and conferences.

*How to order DTP Success (updated)

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