Resources for Desktop Publishers

I think you'll find that four years after compilation, most of these sources, from the bibliography of Desktop Publishing Success, are still worth checking out. (I'm updating contact information only when outdated pointers are brought to my attention.)

For the books and magazines listed, try your local bookstore, the national chain stores, college, business, and arts school libraries. For the specialized books we've given contact information; training centers and service bureaus are a good source for publications. You're also likely to find that any DTPer who's been around for some time will have many of these already. Some 800 numbers don't work in the state where the company is headquartered. If you can't get through, before searching too hard, ask a friend in another state to try the same number. Or call directory assistance at 800/555-1212.

For additional (and the most up-to-date) information, one place to start is the World Wide Web links under Electronic publishing sources at the end of Appendix #2 to Felix's Grand Links.

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Table of contents
  1. General business books
  2. Books on small business and working at home
  3. Small business resources
  4. Books on marketing and selling
  5. Books on the business of graphics and dtp
  6. DTP and graphics book clubs and sources
  7. Books on DTP and graphic design
  8. Magazines and catalogs
  9. Specialized resources
  10. Trade shows and conferences
  11. DTP and layout tools and supplies
  12. Office and publishing supplies
  13. Resources for buying and selling used computers

*General business books

Hawken, Paul. Growing a Business. Simon & Schuster, 1988, $7.95. The New Age manual telling you how you can succeed in business and still feel good about yourself.

Peters, Thomas J., and Robert H. Waterman, Jr. In Search of Excellence. Warner Books, 1982, $9.95. The grandparent of the recent crop of books on business, it's still the best of the books emphasizing staying close to your customers, sticking to what you do well, and appreciating your employees.

Phillips, Michael, and Salli Rasberry. Honest Business. Random House, 1981, $7.00. Complements Growing a Business.

von Oech, Roger. A Whack on the Side of the Head, How to Unlock Your Mind for Innovation. Warner Books, 1988. $11.95, and
A Kick In The Seat Of The Pants: Using Your Explorer, Artist, Judge, & Warrior to Be More Creative. Harper Perennial, 1986, $9.95. Both are thought-provoking self-improvement books on finding out what you want to do and doing it.

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*Books on small business and working at home

Alarid, William, and Gustav Berle. Free Help from Uncle Sam to Start Your Own Business (Or Expand the One You Have). Puma Publishing, 1989, $11.95. Discusses resources for government loans and counseling services.

Alverez, Mark. The Home Office Book: How To Set Up and Use an Effcient Personal Workspace in the Computer Age. Goodwood Press, 1990, $14.95. Includes sample office layouts.

Bangs, Jr., David H. The Start Up Guide, a One Year Plan for Entrepreneurship, and
The Business Planning Guide, Creating a Plan for Success in Your Own Business. Upstart Publishing Co., Dover, NH, 1987 and 1989, $18.95. Both have solid information, highly recommended.

Cohen, William A. How to Make it Big as a Consultant. AMACOM, Division of American Management Association, 1985, $19.95.

Edwards, Paul and Sarah. Working from Home. Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc., (213) 273-3274, 1990, $14.95. It has lots of tips and resources.

Follett, Robert. How to Keep Score in Business: Accounting and Financial Analysis for the Non-Accountant. Mentor, 1980, $2.50. It will help you understand your books.

Harriman, Cynthia W. The Macintosh Small Business Companion. Brady Books, 1989, $24.95. Tells "open-collar workers" how to use their computer to make everyday work easier.

Holtz, Herman. How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant. John Wiley & Sons, 1988, $22.95. A thoughtful, comprehensive guide.

McQuowon, Judith. Inc. Yourself, How to Profit by Setting Up Your Own Corporation, revised edition. Macmillan, 1988, $19.95. The standard book on incorporating small businesses.

Namanworth, Phillip, and Gene Busnar. Working for Yourself, A Guide to Success for People Who Work Outside the 9-5 World. McGraw-Hill Paperbacks, 1985, $10.95. Solid advice on time management, ̃nancial matters, and marketing, as well as insights (some from Zen) on the psychology of success and developing good habits.

Sullivan, Nick. Computer Power for Your Small Business: A Guide from Home-Office Computing. American Management Association, 1990, $22.95. Covers PCs and Macintoshes.

Whitmyer, Claude, Salli Rasberry, and Michael Phillips. Running a One-Person Business. Ten Speed Press, 1989, $13.25 from PO Box 7123, Berkeley, CA 94707, (415) 845-8414. Advice about everything from time management to the pros and cons of hiring help.

The Whole Work Catalog. New Careers Center, 1515 23rd St., PO Box 297-CT, Boulder, CO 80306, (303) 447-1087. Lists resources on starting home businesses and alternative careers.

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*Small business resources

American Women's Economic Development Corporation (AWED), 60 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10165, (212) 692-9100. AWED has training groups, seminars, and publications. Their consulting hotline costs $10 for 10 minutes, $35 for 90 minutes, (800) 222-2933 or (800) 442-2933.

Internal Revenue Service, pamphlet 583, Record Keeping for Small Business. Call (800) 424-3676 for forms; (800) 424-1040 taxpayer hotline for questions.

National Association for the Cottage Industry, PO Box 14850, Chicago, IL 60614, (312) 939-6490. Membership $45/year. Send SASE for free copy of newsletter.

National Association for the Self-Employed, 2328 Gravel Road, Ft. Worth, TX 76118, (800) 232-6273. Membership $48/year.

Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE), sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration, 1825 Connecticut Ave., Suite 503, Washington, DC 20009, (202) 653-6279, or through the SBA. Free local counseling by over 13,000 retired executives on starting a business and preparing a business plan.

U.S. Small Business Administration has an automated answer desk to provide information, (800) 368-5855. Ask for the SBA pamphlet, Checklist for Starting a Small Business. In addition to SCORE, above, the SBA sponsors Women's Network for Entrepreneurial Training to match up women starting businesses with experienced mentors. And the SBA runs a guaranteed loan program, in cooperation with private lenders, for small businesses.

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*Books on marketing and selling

Connor, Jr., Richard A., and Jeffrey P. Davidson. Getting New Clients. John Wiley & Sons, 1988, $15.95.

Davidson, Jeffrey P. Marketing for the Home Based Business. Bob Adams, 1990, $9.95.

Girard, Joe, with Robert Casemore. How to Sell Yourself. Warner Books, 1981, $10.95. A motivational book.

Hopkins, Tom. How to Master the Art of Selling. Warner Books, 1982, $12.95.

Johnson, Spencer, with Larry Wilson. The One Minute Sales Person. Avon Books, 1984, $5.00. Reduces the complexities of selling to easy-to-grasp concepts.

Phillips, Michael, and Salli Rasberry. Marketing without Advertising. Nolo Press, 1986, $14.00.

Sonnenberg, Frank K. Marketing to Win, How You Can Build Your Client Base in the New Highly Competitive Service Economy. Harper Business, 1990, $29.95.

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*Books on the business of graphics and dtp

Berst, Jesse. Managing Desktop Publishing: How to Manage Files, Styles and People for Maximum Productivity. New Riders Publishing, 1989, $9.95. Focuses on each stage of the DTP process and productivity-enhancing techniques, including MS-DOS and Ventura Publisher specifics.

Cochrane, D. The Business of Art. Watson-Gutpill, 1988, $19.95.

Crawford, Tad. Legal Guide for the Visual Artist. Allworth Press, 1989, $18.95. Provides information on copyrights and taxation, model contracts.

Crawford, Tad, and Eva Bruck. Business and Legal Forms for Graphic Designers. North Light Books, 1990, $19.95. Includes tear-out forms.

Crawford, Tad, and Arie Kopelman. Selling Your Graphic Design and Illustration, the Complete Marketing, Business and Legal Guide. St. Martin's Press, 1981, $17.95. Well presented treatment of selling in the field of graphic design; information is still current.

Davis, Sally Prince. The Graphic Artist's Guide to Marketing and Self Promotion. North Light Books, 1987, $15.95. Tips for self-promotion applicable to a DTPer.

Dynamic Graphics. Designer's Guide to Outfitting the Studio. Step-by-Step Publishing, 1990, $29.95, (800) 255-8800. About getting the equipment and organizing the workspace.

Entrepreneur Magazine's Guide to Desktop Publishing. Entrepreneur Group, 1990, $69.50 with money-back guarantee, (800) 421-2300. A loose-leaf format that covers basic issues.

Gold, Ed. The Business of Graphic Design, a sensible approach to marketing and managing a graphic design firm. Watson-Guptill Publications, 1985, $24.95. Includes prõles of 24 leading U.S. designers and their businesses

Graphic Artists Guild, Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines. North Lights Books, 1987, $19.95. A bible for graphics freelancers.

Hoover, D. Supporting Yourself as an Artist. Oxford, 1985, $9.95.

Hudson, Howard Penn. Publishing Newsletters-A Complete Guide to Markets, Editorial Content, Design, Subscriptions, Management, and Desktop Publishing. The Newsletter Clearinghouse, 1988, $15.50. Available from The Clearinghouse, 44 W. Market St., PO Box 311, Rhinebeck, NY 12572, (914) 876-2081.

Jobs in Desktop Publishing, a brochure defining and describing DTP's job skills in terms of design, typography, system usage, production, and client interaction, produced by the School of Visual Communications, National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Rochester Institute of Technology. Free from Mary Bailey, Lyndon B. Johnson Building, PO Box 9887, Rochester, NY 14623.

Jones, Robert, The Complete Guide to Corporate Desktop Publishing. Cambridge University Press, 1988, $20.95.

Kelly, Kate. How to Set Your Fees and Get Them. Visibility Enterprises, 11 Rockwood Drive, Larchmont, NY 10538, (914) 834-0602, 1989, $17.50 including postage. An excellent guide to pricing services; for novices and veterans.

Klayman, T. The Artist's Survival Manual. Scribner's, 1987, $12.95.

Loftus, Michele. How to Start and Operate a Home-Based Word Processing or Desktop Publishing Business. Bob Adams, 1990, $9.95. Covers basic issues and complements this book. It's especially useful on the logistics of keeping your home and business lives going at the same time.

Michels, C. How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist. Henry Holt, 1988, $8.95. Pennypacker, James S., and Deborah Weiss. Desktop Publisher's Guide to Products and Services. Fox Pond Communications, PO Box 3200, Maple Glen, PA 19002, (215) 643-5940, 1990, $27.95. A comprehensive listing of national software vendors, Northeastern service bureaus and DTP businesses, books, magazines, user groups, videos.

Sitarz, David. The Desktop Publisher's Legal Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Computer Publishing Law. Nova Publishing, Carbondale, IL 1989, $19.95.

Walker, Lisa, and Steve Blount. Making Your Computer a Design and Business Partner: How to set up your own graphic computer system to increase the creativity and overall profitability of your design studio. North Light Books, 1990, $27.95. Superb explanations of concepts, strategies, and tools, directed specifically at the designer making the transition to electronics.

Wilson, Lee. Make It Legal. North Light Books, 1990, $18.95. General book for graphic arts and copywriting fields.

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*DTP and graphics book clubs and sources

Get the latest catalogs from BUSINESS ONE IRWIN (708) 206-2700, North Light (800) 289-0963, Peachpit Press (800) 283-9444, Ventana (919) 942-0220, Verbum (619) 233-9977, Watson-Guptill (800) 526-3641, and other publishers specializing in graphic design.

Business and Computer Book Store, (800) 233-0233.

Dynamic Graphics Bookshelf, (800) 255-8800.

Electronic Publishing & Printing Book Store (offers additional discounts to National Association of Desktop Publishers members), PO Box 6500, Chicago, IL 60680.

Graphic Artist's Book Club works just like any book club, with a monthly newsletter, a main selection, and a highly-discounted initial special offer. PO Box 12526, Cincinnati, OH 45212-0526, (800) 937-0963. PRINT Graphic Design Book Store, discounted prices on books and Pantone color specifics, 6400 Goldsboro Road, Bethesda, MD 20817-9969, (800) 222-2654.

Tools of the Trade has catalogs for graphics, typography, and working with words, Box 12093 Seminar Post Office, Alexandria, VA 22304, (703) 823-1919.

U&lc Bookshop, 866 Second Ave., New York, NY 10017, (800) 634-9325.

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*Books on dtp and graphic design

Beach, Mark, Steve Shepro, Ken Russon, Getting It Printed: How to Work with Printers and Graphic Arts Services to Assure Quality, Stay on Schedule, and Control Costs. Coast to Coast Books, 1986, $29.50, 1115 SE Stephens St., Portland, OR 97214, (503) 232-9772.

Beach, Mark, Polly Pattison and Mary Pretzer, Printed Media Outstanding Newsletter Designs. Coast to Coast Books, (see above), 1990, $11. Includes 65 front page and inside spreads, with annotations, address above.

Black, Roger. Roger Black's Desktop Design Power. Bantam, 1990, $24.95. By a leading type and design expert.

Bolton, Francis X. A Printer Looks at Desktop Publishing. A forthcoming nuts-and-bolts book by publisher of the NY Personal Computer group's monthly magazine. For photocopies of informative articles, and an order form for the book, send $6 to Francis X. Bolton, 384A Fifth Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215, (718) 788-2282.

Burke, Clifford. Type from the Desktop: Designing with Type and Your Computer. Ventana, 1990, $23.85.

Bove, Tony, Cheryl Rhodes, Wes Thomas. The Art of Desktop Publishing. Bantam, 1990, $22.95. Newly revised overview.

Campbell, Alastair. The Graphic Designer's Handbook. Running Press, 1988, $19.65. Design from basic principles through final production; useful color charts.

Doty, David. Basics of Desktop Publishing on the Macintosh. The Page, PO Box 14493, Chicago, IL 60614, 1990, $10. Overview for beginners and consultants.

Gosney, Michael, and Linnea Dayton. The Verbum Book of Electronic Page Design. M&T Books, 1990, $29.95, from Verbum (see Specialized resources, below), project-oriented, for Mac and PC.

Gosney, Michael, Linnea Dayton and Janet Ashford. The Verbum Book of PostScript Illustration. M&T Books, 1990, $29.95 (see above).

Klepper, Michael. The Illustrated Handbook of Desktop Publishing and Typesetting, Second edition. Tab Books, 1990, $39.95. A standard reference covering the entire field. DTP Resource database for Macintosh or PC lists 1,300 resources such as software, publications, trade associations, $24.95. CD-ROM version has contents of the Illustrated Handbook, Resources database and 1,364 illustrations, $204 from Graphics Dimensions, 134 Ceversham Woods, Pittsford, NY 14534.

Koren, Leonard, and R. Wippo Mecklen. Graphic Design Cookbook. Chronicle Books, 1989, $12.95. Design ideas for page layout, type treatment.

Laundy, Peter, and Massimo Vignelli, Graphic Design Guide for Non-Profit Organizations. American Institute of Graphic Arts, 1059 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10021, 1990, $10. Update of a 1980 book, now incorporating discussions of DTP.

McKenzie, Bruce G. The Hammermill Guide to Desktop Publishing in Business. Hammermill Papers, 1990, $24.95 plus handling, (800) 533-8669. A good place to find definitions of the basic vocabulary plus explanations of all of DTP's tools; it also covers cost-benefits, design basics, and introduces and explains paper-a good companion to Pocket Pal.

Manousos, Stephen and Scott Tilden, The Professional Look: The Complete Guide to Desktop Publishing. Venture Perspectives Press, 1990, $19.95 from 430 Stevens Creek Blvd, Suite 120, San Jose, CA 95129.

Meyerowitz, Michael, and Sam Sanchez. The Graphic Designer's Basic Guide to the Macintosh. Allworth Press, 1990, $19.95, (800) 289-0963. A comprehensive introduction, includes specifics on software and a glossary.

Miles, John. Design for Desktop Publishing: A Guide to Layout and Typography on the Personal Computer. Chronicle Books, 1987, $18.95.

Parker, Roger. Looking Good in Print: Basic Design for Desktop Publishing. Ventana, 1990, $23.95. The Makeover Book. Ventana, 1989, $23.55. Newsletters from the Desktop. Ventana, 1989, $23.95. And other books by this popular authority.

Pocket Pal, a graphic arts production handbook, 14th edition. International Paper Company, 1989, $6.25. Send check to Pocket Pal Books, PO Box 100, Church Street Station, New York, NY 10008-0100. An encyclopedic and low-priced introduction to graphics, type, and printing. The most recent update is by Michael Bruno and Frank Romano.

Publish Magazine, 1991 Technical Support Telephone Directory, 501 Second Street, San Francisco, CA 94107, (415) 442-1891, $15.95. Lists phone numbers, hours, and product support policies for 2,000 products from over 650 companies.

Romano, Frank J. The TypEncyclopedia, A User's Guide to Better Typography. RR Bowker, 1984, $24.95. Straightforward introduction to typography.

Shushan, Ronnie, and Don Wright. Desktop Publishing by Design. Microsoft Press, 1989, $19.95. Includes chapters on general principles of typography and design samples of grids and publications. Hands-on projects, Mac and PC PageMaker oriented.

Tufte, Edward. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. Graphics Press, Box 430, Cheshire, CT 06410, 1983, $36 including postage. An indispensable starting point for infographics.

White, Jan V. Graphic Design for the Electronic Age. Watson Guptill, 1990, $24.95. Editing by Design, A Guide to Effective Word and Picture Communication for Editors and Designers, 2nd edition. R.R. Bowker, 1982, $34.95. Great Pages. Xerox, 1990, $12.95. And other books by this long-respected authority.

Will-Harris, Daniel, TYPEStyle: How to Choose and Use Type. Peachpit Press, 1990, $24.95.

Williams, Robin. The mac is not a typewriter. Peachpit Press, 1990, $9.95. An entertaining and well-presented series of 22 lessons to move from typewriter consciousness to typography.

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*Magazines and catalogs

Byte, 12 issues for $24.95 from PO Box 558, Hightstown, NJ 08520-9409. The most technically rigorous consumer computer magazine, with thoughtful articles on the implications of technology.

Computer Publishing (formerly Electronic Publishing & Printing), $35 for nine issues per year, free to qualified applicants, from PO Box 3066, Southeastern, PA 19398 or call (213) 455-1414.

Computer Shopper, $21.97 for 12 issues from PO Box 51020, Boulder, CO 80321-1020. The most do-it-yourself hackerlike publication. Worth reading for columns by PostScript guru Don Lancaster; listings of bulletin boards and user groups.

Desktop Communications, $24 for 6 bimonthly issues from PO Box 941745, Atlanta, GA 30341, glossy publication with a primary focus on corporate publishing and design.

Desktop Publisher, PO Box 3200, Maple Glen, PA 19002, monthly tabloid newsletter for mid-Atlantic DTPers, free to qualified applicants.

Desktop Publishing Buyer's Guide and Handbook, $28.95 for 12 issues from PO Box 318, Mt. Morris, IL 61054-8090, (800) 435-0715, is four of the 12 yearly issues of the Computer Buyer's Guide and Handbook. Includes reviews, articles, and useful surveys of street prices of equipment.

Entrepreneur, targeted to people starting and running small businesses, $19.97 for 12 issues from PO Box 50368, Boulder, CO 80321-0368 or call (800) 421-2300.

See Success, below.

Font & Function, (800) 833-6687, free periodic type sampler from Adobe Systems.

Home Office Computing, $10.99 for 12 issues from PO Box 51344, Boulder, CO 80321-1344, offers advice to small computer-based businesspeople.

HOW, $41 for (800) 333-1115, case study orientation to graphic design and tools.

InfoWorld, PO Box 3014, Northbrook, IL 60065, (708) 564-0694, authoritative microcomputer weekly, free to qualified subscribers.

MacWeek, $95 per year or free to qualified subscribers from PO Box 1766, Riverton NJ 08077-7366, (609) 461-2100.

MacUser, $19.97 for 12 issues from (800) 622-8387.

Macworld, $24 for 12 issues from PO Box 51666, Boulder, CO 80321-16666.

PC Publishing, free to qualified subscribers, from PO Box 5050, Des Plaines, IL 60019-9162, or $36 for 13 issues from 650 South Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60605 for MS-DOS compatibles.

PC Week, free to qualified subscribers or $160 per year from (609) 428-5000.

Personal Publishing, $24 for 12 issues from PO Box 3019, Wheaton, IL 60189, hands-on approach.

PostScript Type Sampler, $81 from MacTography, (301) 424-3942, lists 3,000 typefaces.

PRINT, $49 for 12 issues from (800) 222-2654, magazine on graphic design.

Publish, $23.95 for 12 issues from PO Box 51966, Boulder, CO 80321. See their October buyer's guide, listing most major DTP products.

Quick Printing, The Information Source for Commercial Copyshops and Printshops, free to qualified subscribers, Coast Publishing, Zedcoast Center, 1680 SW Bayshore Blvd, Port St. Lucie, FL 34984, has ads for discount printers of labels, presentation folders, and other services.

Small Press: The Magazine for Independent/In-house Desktop Publishing, $35 for one year from (203) 226-6967.

Success: The Magazine for Today's Entrepreneurial Mind, 10 issues, $11.97, (800) 234-7324. If you're interested in this one, also take a look also at Venture and Inc. on your newsstand.

TypeWorld, twice monthly tabloid, $30/year, PO Box 2709, Tulsa OK 74101-2709, to some extent oriented to typesetters who have switched to DTP.

Includes ads and articles on hardware and software interfaces between PC and conventional typesetting equipment.

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*Specialized resources

See also the publications of many of the user groups listed below.

Aldus Magazine, free to registered owners of FreeHand, Persuasion and PageMaker, $18 for six issues from 411 First Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104-2871.

Before & After, $36 for six issues from Page Lab, 331 J Street, Suite 150, Sacramento, CA 95814-9671, informative and enjoyable nuts and bolts on design and software.

Bove & Rhodes Inside Report - On Desktop Publishing & Multimedia, 12 issues for $195 from PO Box 1289, Gualala, CA 95445.

Communications CONCEPTS, $97 for 12 issues from 2100 National Press Building, Washington, DC 20045.

Design Line Service for DTPers is a unique business. You join for $79, then fax pages to this service for critiques by professional graphic designers with ad agency experience, who fax you back their suggestions within two days, charging $45 to rework each page. Invision, 60 Dedham Avenue, Needham, MA 02192, (617) 444-4060. Much of their work involves solving typical problems for people not familiar with basic design principles.

Directions, $30 for quarterly publication from Wheeler-Hawkins, 23 East Fourth St., NY, NY 10003, (212) 533-9651, on DTP and multimedia.

In-House Graphics, 4550 Montgomery Avenue, Suite 700N, Bethesda, MD 20814.

Inside Word, $49 for 12 issues from Cobb Group, 9420 Bunsen Parkway, Suite 300, Louisville, KY 40220, (800) 223-8720, is one of many monthly newsletters with unique tips and how-to articles for word processing and other software.

JEFFE REPORT on Computer Graphics for Design, $135 for 10 issues from 45 Stephenson Terrace, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510, (914) 741-2852.

MacPrePress, delivered weekly by fax for $250, (203) 227-2357, a newsletter by Steve Hannaford and Kathleen Tinkel.

Release 1.0, $495 for 12 issues plus the transcripts of the annual PC Forum from 375 Park Ave., Suite 2500, New York, NY 10152, (212) 758-3434. Leading authority, Esther Dyson, writes this newsletter for designers, vendors and marketers of software.

Seybold Report on Desktop Publishing, $192 for 12 issues from Seybold Publications, Inc., Box 644, Media, PA 19063, (215) 565-2480. Latest news, thorough reviews and comparisons of products. Good if you can't get to the Seybold Conference but want to know what goes on. Another newsletter for higher-end systems, the Seybold Report on Publishing Systems, $228 for 22 issues.

Step-by-Step Electronic Design: The How-To Newsletter for Desktop Designers, $48 for 12 issues from Dynamic Graphics, Inc., 16000 N. Forest Park Drive, Peoria, IL 61614-3592, (800) 255-8800, includes detailed production stages for jobs plus conceptual articles about ways of working and managing DTP. Also Step-by-Step Graphics: The How-To Magazine for Visual Communicators, more like HOW and not strictly for DTPers, $42 for six issues plus a Designer's Guide. Video tutorials on electronic design also available.

The Page, A visual guide to using the Macintosh in desktop publishing, $65 for 10 issues, $1 for a sample issue, $6 each for highly-recommended back issues from Box 14493, Chicago, IL 60614, (312) 348-1200, a very practical monthly tip sheet.

U & lc, quarterly design tabloid from International Typeface Corporation 2 Hammarskjold Plaza, New York, NY 10017, (212) 371-0699. Free to qualified subscribers, four to six month wait for subscription to be filled.

Ventura Professional, free to registered owners of software, $36 for 12 issues, $5 each for back issues, from 7502 Aaron Place, San Jose, CA 95139, (408) 227-5030, includes listing of local user groups. Verbum, Journal of Personal Computer Aesthetics, $24 for four issues from PO Box 15439, San Diego, CA 92115-9868, a perceptive, future-oriented, arty quarterly showcase.

The WEIGAND Report on Desktop Publishing, Essential Information for Communicators, Desktop Publishers and Small Business Users, $128 for 20 issues from PO Box 647, Gales Ferry, CT 06335, combines tips with analysis of industry trends.

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*Trade shows and conferences

Trade show schedules vary. Many of the standard personal computer shows, such as MacWorld and PC Expo, will also be of interest. Check specialized magazines for the computer platform you use. Computer Graphics, 817 Silver Spring Ave., #409, Silver Spring, MD 20910 (301) 587-4545, annually in New York City.

Corporate Electronic Publishing Systems, Cahners Exposition Group,275 Washington Street, Newton MA 02158-1630, Phone: 617-964-3030, Fax: 1-800-497-5448. Held in Chicago in the early spring.

Desktop, a periodic event sponsored by Desktop Publisher newspaper in Philadelphia, (215) 6433-5940. Graph Expo, periodic, in New York and Los Angeles, sponsored by the Printing Industries of America, (703) 264-7208.

Lasers in Graphics, Electronic Publishing in the 90's, 1855 East Vista Way, Suite 1, Vista, CA 92084, (619) 758-9460, a very technical conference.

Magazine Publishing Congress, 911 Hope Street, Box 4232, Stamford, CT 06907-0232, (203) 358-9900, incorporating The Folio Show and Face to Face.

Multimedia Expo, American Expositions, Inc., 110 Greene Street, #703, New York, NY 10012, (212) 226-4141.

Seybold Seminars, PO Box 578, Malibu, CA 902675, (213) 457-5850, holds a spring conference in Boston and a fall conference in the San Francisco area to explore the latest trends in computer publishing and related topics. It's the most prestigious and most expensive trade show, where the industry gets together to talk about the future.

Type-X and Art-X, TypeWorld, PO Box 170, Salem, NH 03079, (603) 898-2822, Philadelphia in the spring. User groups, trade groups, and professional organizations

Apple user groups: for locations, call (800) 538-9696. PC user groups: Computer Shopper magazine (see above) maintains one of the more complete lists. Also check with computer dealers and training centers.

Association for Development of Electronic Publishing Techniques (ADEPT), annual subscription to quarterly journal, $20, 360 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 111, Chicago, IL 60601, (312) 609-0577, a Chicago-based nationally oriented DTP user group.

Association for Multi Image, 8019 North Hines Avenue, Suite 401, Tampa, FL 33614, (813) 932-1692.

Association of Desktop Publishers, PO Box 881667, San Diego, CA 92168-1667, (619) 279-2116.

The Boston Computer Society, 1 Center Plaza, Boston, MA 02108, (617) 367-8080, many of its 30,000+ members find its publications worth reading even though they live far from Boston. The Macintosh monthly newsletter includes names and phone numbers of people to call for help with dozens of software packages.

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, PO Box 717, Palo Alto, CA 94302, (415) 322-3778, a national user group formed in 1982 for people involved in any way with computers to encourage discussion and education about the impact of computers on society. CPSR has local chapters in dozens of cities, and many projects including a Computers in the Workplace program.

Electronic Art Association, (603) 898-2822.

Graphic Artists Guild, 11 West 20th St., New York, NY 10011, (212) 463-7759, formed in 1967, with over 10 local chapters, a national newsletter, professional education programs, legal referral services, group insurance, and many other programs.

International Association of Business Communicators, 1 Hallidie Plaza, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 954102, (415) 433-3400, a chapter-based organization with a newsletter and seminars.

National Association of Desktop Publishers (NADTP), Museum Wharf, 462 Boston Street, Topsfield, MA 01983, (508) 887-2246, the leading trade association, offers publications, discounts on training, opportunities for networking.

National Composition and Prepress Association, 1730 North Lynn Street, Arlington, VA 22209, (703) 841-8165, has its roots in traditional typesetting, but is running programs about DTP.

NY Professional PostScript Users Group, 3058 Ann Street, Baldwin, NY 11510, an influential regional organization with a small newsletter reporting on the latest industry developments from the point of view of people who run imagesetting service bureaus. Worth reading wherever you live if you do much high-resolution work.

PageMaker User Group, PO Box 1410, Boston, MA 02205-8955, (800) 874-4113 ext. 25, national group sponsored by NADTP (see above).

Ventura User Groups: See listing for local groups in Ventura Professional magazine, above, in Specialized resources.

XPLOR International-The Association for Electronic Printing Professionals, (800) 669-7567, (213) 373-3633, aimed at high-end users.

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*DTP and layout tools and supplies

Desktop Publishing Corner, (800) 937-2387, sells hardware and software.

Font Shop, (800) 942-9110, discounts typefaces for Mac and PC.

Laser Press and Graphics, (800) 628-4517, sells hardware and software.

Mactography, (301) 424-3942, sells typefaces.

Midwest Publishing, (800) 621-1507, sells tools for pasteup, laser paper.

Office Supplies Wholesale Supply Company, (800) 962-9162.

Publisher's Toolbox, (800) 233-3898, sells hardware and software.

Publishing Perfection, (800) 782-5974, sells hardware and software.

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*Office and publishing supplies

Earth Care Paper, (608) 256-5522, for recycled paper.

Fidelity Graphic Arts, (800) 328-3034, for furniture and supplies.

Frank Eastern, (800) 221-4914, for office and computer furniture.

Paper Direct, (800) 272-7377, for their catalog of printer and DTP paper, or their $14.95 swatch selector of their complete line.

Viking, (800) 421-1222, for office products.

Visible, (800) 323-0628, for office and computer products.

Ergonomic furniture

Anthro Technology Furniture, (800) 325-3841.

Ergotron, (800) 888-8458.

Scandinavian Computer Furniture, (800) 722-6263.

Daisy Wheel Ribbon Co., (800) 266-5585. Wrist rests for your keyboard.

Discounts for new computers

Because they are mail order they've had to do better than most retailers on service, return policy, and technical support. Don't be restricted to this starting list.

CompuAdd, (800) 288-4445, MS-DOS.

Dell Computer Corporation, (800) 365-1460, MS-DOS.

Everex, (800) 821-0806, MS-DOS.

Northgate Computer Systems, (800) 548-1993, MS-DOS.

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*Resources for buying and selling used computers

Boston Computer Exchange Corp., Box 1177, Boston, MA 02103, (800) 262-6399 or (617) 542-4414; on CompuServe: GO BCE; on Delphi: BOCOEXCO; listings of prices and values appear weekly in PC Week, ComputerWorld, and Computer Reseller News.

Computer Brokerage Services, New York City, (800) 735-7856, mostly Macintosh-oriented.

Computer Classified Bluebook, $70/year from Jerry Nims, PO Box 3395, Reno, NV 89505.

National Computer Exchange, New York City, (800) 359-2468, mostly PC-oriented. They sell a $69/year newsletter and a Computer classified Blue Book listing prevailing prices.

Randall 5th, Dr. Alexander, and Steven J. Bennett. Alex Randall's Used Computer Handbook. Microsoft Press, 1990, $14.95. Randall is a co-founder of the Boston Computer Exchange.Graphic Artists Guild, Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines. North Lights Books, 1987, $19.95. A bible for graphics freelancers.

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