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for Desktop Publishing Success

If ever a book should be called The Bible of the Desktop Publishing Biz, this is it. Kramer and Lovaas walk the reader through every step of establishing and growing a business, from practical marketing and salesmanship to keeping the books, from bidding on a project to dropping an unprofitable client, from finding customers to expanding revenues, with stops along the way for setting up a publishing system, writing contracts, learning how others solve problems. It's all here, told by people who have done it all and genuinely know what they're talking about.
-- Sandra Rosenzweig, Editor-in-Chief, Publishmagazine

I approached this book more than a little distracted -- I had articles to edit, pages to approve, deadlines to meet. Halfway through, I felt excited and re-energized. This book recognizes electronic publishers' struggles and gives practical advice to make technology work in business, whether you're a freelance designer or an editor at a large corporation. As the one responsible to get each issue out the door, this book inspires me to keep going.
-- Nancy McCarthy, Managing Editor, Personal Publishingmagazine

There's nothing like this book. It raises and answers the main questions for us all. It's written for people with their own firms, people in corporations -- and those who dream of working for themselves. Read it carefully before you strike out on your own.
-- Barry Harrigan, Chairman, National Association of Desktop Publishers

This is not a techie document. It is a human one. Its sly humor is a breath of fresh air. Never have I seen such an all-encompassing collection of accessible sophisticated computer wisdom coupled with so much common sense on running your own show (DTP or anything else). Rather than getting deep into design or typography, the book concentrates on aspects that no one else to my knowledge has covered. It pulls together strands that had previously been disassociated, and cannow be seen in perspective. What a treasure-trove of practical tips to rely on, give you confidence, and make you realize you're not alone.
-- Jan V. White, communications design consultant; author, Editing by Design, Xerox Publication Standards, Graphic Design for the Electronic Age

This book is a deep well of common sense and practical guidance for those involved in the business of desktop publishing. Despite all the excitement, the claims of revelation, revolution and transformation ... desktop publishing is a business. And this s the best reality check I've seen.
-- Michael Gosney, Publisher, Verbum magazine; author, The Verbum Electronic Art and Design book Series; founding editor, Step-By-Step Electronic Design newsletter

Desktop Publishing Success is a comprehensive, detailed overview of how to make a go of this business. I recommend it for start-ups -- and for seasoned pros.
-- Steve Roth, co-author, Real World PageMaker, Real World PostScript; former editor, Personal Publishing magazine

With the software available, enterprises and individuals needed only direction to build new businesses and effective organizations using desktop publishing. This well-timed book effectively brings together creative ideas, solid direction, and product understanding.
-- Larry Gerhard, President & CEO, Xerox Ventura Software

While you can't expect to go from 0 to 60 in desktop publishing in a matter of seconds, this book will let new DTP entrepreneurs hit the ground running. I wish some of the service bureaus I've encountered had read -- and put into practice -- all the ideas and worthwhile information it contains.
-- Roger Black, President, Roger Black Incorporated, publication designer for Smart, The New York Times, San Francisco Examiner, Newsweek, Rolling Stone

Desktop Publishing Success should be required reading for every desktop publishing entrepreneur -- newcomer or experienced. Just one idea or warning can save you hours of frustration or earn you thousands of dollars of extra income over the coming months. This book reads like a conversation over lunch. Unique in concept and execution, it combines a friendly style with a wealth of techniques to enhance your professionalism and your income. It will help you avoid expensive mistakes, identify markets, run a more efficient service firm, and establish pleasurable, profitable and lasting relationships with clients, vendors and subcontractors.
-- Roger C. Parker, author, Looking Good in Print, The Makeover Book, Newsletters from the Desktop

As the "father" of desktop publishing I am pleased to see a book that addresses the needs of someone starting a desktop publishing business. Wherever I travel in the world today I can see the impact of desktop publishing -- from the dark horse political candidate getting a message out, to the mother in San Francisco creating hand-illustrated books for children; from the manufacturer in Italy producing the Ferrari owner's manual, to the fledgling government in Eastern Europe building democracy through better information. Desktop Publishing Success offers straightforward, practical advice from authors who know the ropes and communicate this knowledge in a conversational style. The book is an excellent resource for anyone involved in desktop publishing.
-- Paul Brainerd, President, Aldus Corporation (creators of PageMaker)

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