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... a communications and marketing business specializing in business development and online promotion for first-ever and unique Web sites.

"Kramer has been around the web marketing world as long as anyone has"
    -- Elizabeth Gardner in Internet World/Web Week, 15 December, 1997

We pioneered in desktop publishing when that technology came along (and wrote a popular book, the first on DTP as a businesss -- see below). We made a relatively early transition to online projects back in '94.
Since then we've helped bring new Internet-related products and service to market, and enabling innovators to gain visibility online.
In 1997, we relocated after many productive years in NYC, establishing our office in Palo Alto. We focused on marketing and promotion and then became 100 percent involved in an Internet startup -- eConstructors (see next item).
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eConstructors Logo eConstructors Logo
eConstructors (founded as Constructors, Inc.) is the only business-to-business marketplace and vertical hub focusing exclusively on the web design and development industry. We're one of a new wave of "net marketmakers," creating efficiencies by bringing together unorganized groups of buyers sellers and suppliers.

We recruited technical, marketing and product development teams, and created the world's largest deeply searchable developer directory, and the unique WhoBuiltIt reverse directory pointing to the creators of websites. We have secured local and national e-commerce and distribution partners, secured two rounds of funding, and initiated strategic partnerships and continue to build the venture.

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KeyChain, released in 1997, is a customizable secure utility that works with all versions of Windows. KeyChain stores passwords, login IDs, URLs and other info. It's a handy launcher for documents and programs. Plus, as far as we know, it was computing's first "commissionware": MicroMind paid you if you passed it on to others who registered the product. For details and to download KeyChain, see Keychain: features and downloading information.
KeyChain is from Peter Brooks, who developed SlipKnot, the 1994-1995 award-winning shareware Windows Web browser for people with unix shell accounts. See SlipKnot reviews (press and users' comments). SlipKnot included a "Get All Links" retrieval feature, which I'm proud to have thought of about 6 months before any of the bulk downloading apps came out.

\With a virtual network of marketing associates, we helped to secure cross-links for breaking stories, features, and departments of the online Christian Science Monitor.

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Our able New York associate took over print projects, continuing our one-stop operation for your online promotion and print communication needs.

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JOB announcement. Pro-Media Public Relations, a New York City-based company works exclusively with America's social change agents -- leaders in the quest for economic and social justice, women's equality, human rights and a clean environment -- providing affordable access to major print and broadcast media. (Now with a West Coast branch.)

Felix Kramer's Grand Links: 1,420 pretty-well-organized (but now outdated) bookmarks -- in four pages (16-50K in size). People loved them in 1995!

Getting out the word without spamming is a list of resources, prepared for presentations.

STILL A HIGH SELLER:Desktop Publishing Success: How to Start and Run a Desktop Publishing Business, written by Felix Kramer and Maggie Lovaas, includes information about this popular book, ordering options, plus two excerpts: Best tips from the book and Resource list for desktop publishers. (68K).

(Last & least) 68K of chestnuts culled from online sources, in Felix's Humor Compendium -- these are gems, but sorry, the page hasn't been updated in about five years.

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