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(NOTE: Product is no longer available)

What is KeyChain?

KeyChain is a small-footprint utility program for Windows machines which will store and retrieve an unlimited number of important pieces of personal information.

Login IDs and Passwords, credit card numbers, URLs, CDROM key bodes, Bank PIN numbers, invoice numbers, etc. -- you name it, KeyChain will store it.

KeyChain will also store shortcuts to documents, programs, web pages, and take you to those documents or launch those programs with a single button click. KeyChain can control your browser to retrieve favorite web pages, and have your passwords when those web pages require them.

Customizable prompts, icons; multiple datasets instantly accessible; business strength encryption for all data; password protection (optional); import/export to/from other databases...

For corporations: store and send sensitive information (like groups of frequently-changing passwords) securely to colleagues or project members.

What's so special about KeyChain? While there were are utilities to store login IDs and passwords, in general they can't easily store other kinds of information, and they're not customizable. And no other software we know of includes our ability to give you commissions when those you give KeyChain to register their copies. That's why I was delighted to sign on as the Business Development and Marketing Director!

System requirements

Windows: Win 3.x, Win95, Win98, WinNT, OS/2
Disk space: 2MB
Download size: 950 KB


30-day free evaluation period. Then:
$19.95 registration fee if registering via email or web.
$21.95 registration fee if registering via mail or fax.

$ Commission and Advertising Programs

KeyChain can be freely distributed. Inside the KeyChain program is a menu item to (re)package the program up in order to give it away to others.

Commission Fees: MicroMind will send you commissions ($) if you give the program away to people who purchase it. You need not purchase KeyChain yourself in order to receive these fees (there is no investment necessary). You need not do any direct selling. All you have to do is provide the program to others (even via email or your web site). MicroMind will take care of all sales, technical support, etc.

There is no maximum limit to the amount of commission fees you can receive.

Advertising: You can use KeyChain to advertise your own company, product, club, etc by embedding your own picture into KeyChain's startup screen. You can also embed the URL of your web page into KeyChain so that any user can click on a "startup" button and that user's browser will retrieve and display your web page. Having customized KeyChain, you are free to give it away.

For more information about KeyChain and how it works, including screen shots, go to (no longer available), then use the Back button on your browser to get the files from the locations below.

Downloading KeyChain

KeyChain is available in 2 forms:
  1. EXE-format (952KB) -- self-installing executable -- this version is much easier to install.
  2. ZIP-format ((881 KB) -- this version is easier to check for integrity

How to use the EXE (self-installing executable) format

  1. Download the EXE file from (no longer available)
  2. Remember where the file is deposited on your hard drive!   If you forget where you placed the file,search for it by filename (KCH100.EXE or KCH100(1).EXE or a similar name).
  3. Using File Manager (Win 3.x) or Windows Explorer, find that file, and double-click on it -- to execute it.
  4. Follow KeyChain's step-by-step installation instructions.

How to use the ZIP (compressed) format

  1. Download the ZIP file (881 KB) from (no longer available)
  2. Download that file to a directory on your hard drive.  Remember where you put it!   If you forget, search for the file by its name (KCH100.ZIP or KCH100(1).ZIP or a similar name).
  3. Create a temporary directory, and use any unzipper utility to open and save the contents of KCH100.ZIP  into the working directory.
  4. You will find a file called SETUP.EXE inside the working directory.  Execute that file.
  5. Follow KeyChain's step-by-step installation instructions.

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