Getting out the word online without spamming

Starting points for promoting products,events, campaigns, ideas

This list of essential resources, most recently distributed at a workshop at the 10th Anniversary NYC Computers for Social Change Conference, June 20, and previously given at a workshop at the Institute for Alternative Journalism's Media & Democracy Congress in San Francisco March 2, 1996, and a presentation on "Commerce on the Internet" at MacFair in NYC, March 23, is derived from Felix Kramer's Grand Links -- 1422 favorite places, found at <>.

If you're looking at a printed version of the HTML page, just visit the web address at the bottom of the page to reach the sites. That's a good separate bookmark, since we update and refine this page from time to time.

*Posting to search engines and announce outlets

*Requesting cross links

*Usenet (newsgroups) and Mailing Lists (listserv, majordomo, et al.)

*Contacting publications and journalists online (carefully!)

*Getting online interviews

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