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A lifelong entrepreneur: pioneered in online ventures since 1994; started a small Internet company and led it through to acquisition in 2001. Now, returning to his earlier environmental passions, working to commercialize much better cars, starting in California.
Previous entrepreneurial efforts: founded one of the first desktop publishing companies, wrote the first book on the business of electronic publishing, created a trade association for energy conservation businesses, started computer user groups, created a major public event for solar energy, created and wrote pioneering exposes of private computer and health vocational training schools. Plus stints as a Congressional speechwriter, journalist and Executive Director.
Main skills: business creation and strategy, promotion and management of unique projects and events -- often on lean budgets.
Plans to continue making waves with experienced and energetic teams to create innovative products, services and events. Always looking out for compelling Bay Area opportunities.

Kramer Communications: 2001 consulting on environmental strategy, marketing, communications led to CalCars

Focusing on new ways to evangelize ideas and information, and promote companies working for the beneficial uses of advanced technologies, including:

California Car Co LogoIn 2002, Felix founded the nonprofit California Cars Initiative, an ambitious effort to bring clean, advanced technology vehicles to market much faster than the current plans of major car companies. He's leading a group of Bay Area and Southern California entrepreneurs, environmentalists, engineers an others, focusing first on what are called "plug-in hybrid" technologies. In 2004, a strategy to convert existing vehicles to encourage automakers to extend their vehicle lines included the PRIUS+ campaign for the highly popular Toyota hybrid. Conversions and advocacy projects have been aimed at early adopters and the fleets of far-seeing institutions, starting in California, the world's most receptive market for a "no sacrifices" high performance, zero-emission vehicle.

In 2001, advised Hypercar, the for-profit spinoff of the Rocky Mountain Instititute, on business opportunities and strategies in Silicon Valley and California. Co-founded by Amory Lovins, the company developed, optimized and integrated existing technologies to simulate an advanced-composite, fuel-cell powered, digitally-networked, mid-sized SUV -- a vehicle combining attractive styling, exciting driving performance, and uncompromised safety with no emissions and high fuel efficiency. Hypercar pointed the way to the automobile industry’s transition towards environmentally sustainable automobility. Since 2002, Hypercar's objectives evolved from building a driveable prototype to its current strategy promoting its intellectual property in "lightweighting" and volume production using composite materials.

eConstructors LogoFounder & CEO, eConstructors, Palo Alto 1998-2001

Startup: Conceived of and put together plans, people, and resources for eConstructors, the online marketplace for the web design and development industry, positioned as the vertical portal for the web development buyers, sellers and suppliers. Business model started with referral fees for signed contracts.
Company building: Recruited & managed geographically dispersed technical, product development, marketing and finance staff of about 10; created the world's largest searchable developer directory and unique WhoBuiltIt.com reverse directory; secured alliances and partnerships with IBM, Media Metrix, and others; gained press coverage at CNET, eCompany, Business Week, Investors Business Daily, NPR Marketplace, San Francisco &San Jose Business Times, Palo Alto Weekly and others.
Services: Launched to buyers October 1999. Relaunched July 2000 with complete redesign and unique Project Estimator and Matchmaking Suite.
Company history: raised $1M from angel and semi-institutional investors in 1999 and 2000. Began generating revenues in Summer 2000. Acquired in 2001 by eVincio Corp, a Research Triangle, NC software companye. The directory is now maintained by Forbess Enterprises in Texas.. Forbess Enterprises in Austin, Texas plans to expand the directory and marketplace.

Kramer Communications: Marketing, technology and publishing ventures, 1984-98:

* Online Marketing and Promotion Clients, NY, 1993-97, Palo Alto 1997-98

Promotion and business development (via a virtual network of marketing associates) for clients including KeyChain, a customizable secure utility and the computer world's first "commissionware;" The Christian Science Monitor, helping to secure cross-links for breaking daily stories, features, and departments; and ACSIOM (Applied Computing Systems Institute of Massachusetts, Inc.) marketing and commercialization efforts for products spun off through this University of Massachusetts incubator. Previously, marketing and business development for Clickshare and SlipKnot (see below), Metrobeat (first comprehensive city-specific guide (acquired by Citysearch, which is now part of Interactive Corp.), PBS-TV's P.O.V., media events related to the Communications Decency Act. Developed broad media lists; gained credibility with top online journalists. Helped launch Folio: First Day, which began as a twice-weekly fax- broadcast newsletter for top magazine industry executives from Cowles Business Media (acquired by Primedia).

* Marketing Director & Board Member, Clickshare Corporation, Massachusetts 1995-96

Promotion for Clickshare, a before-its-time service to track and charge information transactions from multiple websites. Attracted potential strategic partners and content providers; built mindshare among industry analysts and venture capitalists; initiated successful CEO search; overhauled website. Worked with developers to shape software interface and feature set. Placements included Web Week, NY Times, Interactive Age, Editor & Publisher, NetGuide, PC Week, e-zines. See press clips (now archived on this site.

* Marketing Director, Micromind Inc., New York 1994-95

Directed launch, promotion and sales for SlipKnot (graphical Web browser for shell account users), released November 1994 (before Netscape) with upgrades and new features every few weeks until early 1996. Marketing and PR primarily via email to reporters, listservs, usenet, commercial online services, Internet Service Providers, sysops and user groups. Invented Internet's first "get all links" browser feature. Placements included Internet World, NY Times, Newsweek, Washington Post, PC Week, Boardwatch, LA Times. See press clips. Product broadly used in target markets; produced high shareware sales.

* Chief Author, first-ever book on electronic publishing as a business, 1990-91

Desktop Publishing Success: How to Start and Run a DTP Business. Supplemented Irwin Professional Publishing/Times Mirror's marketing, PR and serialization efforts. Secured endorsements from Aldus CEO Paul Brainerd, designer Roger Black, other top industry leaders and opinionmakers, plus over 50 reviews blanketing target markets, including acclaim as "the Bible of the DTP Biz" by Publish's editor-in-chief. Established own ordering channel. Sales over 20,000; six printings.

* Founder, Kramer Communications, Electronic Publishing Company, New York 1984-97

NYC's first start-to-finish desktop publisher offering editorial, design, consulting, training and production services to create newsletters, brochures, books and newspapers. Recruited and managed a network of seasoned subcontractors handling production and specialized services. Large and diverse client list. Before relocating to California, sold this flourishing business to Michael Woyton's Editorial and Desktop Publishing Services.

Prior Experience in Event and Program Management, Public Policy, Journalism

* Wrote business plans for 3-D modeling invention startup and for energy conservation company * Executive Director, Energy Task Force (first urban energy conservation/wind/solar group; founded local trade association), NYC * Project Director, NY State Consumer Protection Board (wrote books rating health and computer training schools) * Executive Director, NYC Sun Day (three-day solar energy fest) * Associate Editor, Amalgamated Clothing & Textile Workers Union newspaper * Legislative Aide for NYC member of Congress (speechwriter, campaign issues coordinator).

Education, Affiliations, Qualifications

B.A. Cornell University; graduate, Hackley School. Founder, NYC Internet and electronic publishing SIGs. Lecturer and speaker at Folio, Internet World and other conferences. Helped create and promote eight pioneering annual NYC Computers for Social Change conferences. Founding or active member of NoEnd Bay Area, World Wide Web Artists Consortium, New York New Media Association, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, Electronic Frontier Foundation, National Association of Desktop Publishers, National Writers Union/UAW. Fluent French; school and residence in Europe. Sometime marathon runner.

Contact: <felix@nlightning.com> or cell 650.520.5555.

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